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Finding the Right Wedding Veil to Suit Your Face

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Modern brides prefer to let their hair loose when walking down the aisle on their big day. But there are still some traditional women out there who prefer wearing a veil. Hence, this is where the classification of having “hair brides” and “veil brides” emerged from. Those brides that want to wear a veil on their big day, though, should invest time in finding the most suitable veil for their face’s shape. This is vital in showcasing the best features of your face and ensuring that you will be the star of the day.

There are eight different types of face shapes and these are round, oblong, oval, diamond, square, heart, triangle, and rectangle. The distinguishing quality for these is that some are round and curved while others tend to have angles to their shape. If you don’t know what your face shape is, try to pull your hair back and tie it up so you can get a clear view of your face.

Once you have determined the shape of your face, you may now move on to searching for the ideal wedding veil that you can use. Those who have an oval or diamond shaped face are symmetrical and so there are plenty of options to choose from. Basically, all you have to worry about is finding a veil that would suit your gown and its neckline without worrying about whether or not is it a good fit for your face.

Brides-to-be that have a round face should pick a wedding veil that would fall to the side of the face. This helps to create an illusion of having a narrower face. Meanwhile, you need to keep your hair down in order to create that same effect to your face.
Women with square have to pick a wedding veil that will balance out their features and render a bit of softness into the look. A longer veil is therefore recommended, and if possible, go for ones with lace details to give it a feminine touch.

Those with a triangular or heart-shaped face have to go for veils that show up behind the neckline. This is a good trick in order to add more volume into the jaw line area and provide more definition to the face. A flipped-up bob or chignon is the ideal hair style for women with this shape of face.

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