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Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver Jewelry

As compared to gold or platinum, sterling silver jewelry is even more inexpensive. There are numerous top quality sterling-silver jewelries known for their varied styles. They are not just beautiful but even more affordable.

The sterling silver is considered as a natural material with its long lasting appeal. It can also be mixed with beads and gemstones. This actually holds 92.5 percent silver that is typically mixed with “copper”. This makes up the remaining 7.5 percent of the composition. As all people knew, silver is sold based on its weight. And, there is no such thing as a higher quality or purer type of silver. Bear in mind that all silver jewelries of 92. 5 percent have the same quality.

The significant difference in the price, from 1 piece to another, is the “type of work” done on it. Handmade pieces are considered to be more expensive as compared to machine-made pieces. In addition, handmade sterling silver jewelry is more exclusive since you will never have the same style.

Once your jewelry includes stone, the price will increase that depends on the type of stone you have chosen. If it’s only a sterling silver, the difference in price will depend on the details. Frequently, silver pieces can be purchased based on the weight of the silver and the labor.

When you will have to clean the sterling silver jewelry, this actually depends on the material and usage. It is best to make use of a jewelry cloth with 2 layers of cloth in different colors. This can be purchased from jewelry accessory shop.

Avoid using a hard object when cleaning. Never make use of a “paper towel” since this can scratch the surface of your silver sterling jewelry. With the use of a jewelry cloth, you can get rid of dirt. Avoid using fingernails as these will only be causing unsightly scratches on the jewelry.

You can also make use of silver dip – a commonly used cleaner for sterling jewelry. This can be purchased from the leading jewelry store. You can soak in the entire jewelry into the solution for 1 minute. And, rinse it off with cool water. You must also ensure that the silver is not “plated” with other metal prior to using a silver dip.

You need to store your jewelry when you do not make use of it. Make sure to keep it away from the direct sunlight. This is because the light and heat can turn the silver into yellow. It further causes quick tarnishing as well. If you’re planning of not using the jewelry for a long span of time, you should be placing it in a drawer or organizer. This will also help you to find it easily when the time comes.

Unlike platinum and gold, pure silver is considered as oxides and unstable. Silver jewelries are usually plated with other metal to prevent them from completely being tarnished. There are 2 types of silver plating: rhodium and nickel plating.

The rhodium plating is typically utilized to plate platinum and white gold jewelry. This is also known to be more expensive than nickel. This also provides an extra level of protection on silver that is placed underneath. However, sterling silver jewelries are not plated. Apart from it, surface is polished by a “machine” for it to shine perfectly!

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